Established in 2020, Tonal Clothing was a passion project created by Devan Jordan. Devan always wanted to own a clothing company and realised after shopping in other retailers all he wanted to wear was Black, White & Grey. Tonal was born, he just didn't know it. Once other ventures took off he finally had the time to spend on creating a brand for his style of fashion, minimalistic and bold. This time came round at the very same time in which the entire world was under pressure, COVID 19. 
From a small town in the North of England Devan saw the devastating effect that something like a lockdown could have on many of the people already struggling in their own head. Tonal was a perfect opportunity to fill a gap in the market, succeed in fulfilling a long desired passion project but most importantly assist in helping those in need. 
Tonal is proud to donate a percentage of every single sale on the store to CALM charity. You can see the value donated on each product page and follow us on socials to monitor the progress. 

You can also check out the work CALM are doing by visiting their site here